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Product description

A small set of armrests with Nokto, for design and the comfort of the sofabed - in the sitting position, the armrests unfold; in the sleeping version, they fold up and discreetly hide the mechanism. The inside of the armrest also includes a small storage pocket, which is visible when the armrest is folded outwards. All this is highlighted by a pretty ribbon that may or may not be contrasted.

And according to the Sesido concept, everything is obviously customizable.


Mattress size Sofa size 
100 CM 140 CM 220 CM
120 CM 160 CM 240 CM
140 CM 180 CM 260 CM
160 CM 200 CM 280 CM

Product details


  • Available as sofa or sofabed
  • Full customization (see Concept section)
    1. regarding look (covering, legs, armrest width, two-tone and topstitching)
    2. regarding size
    3. regarding opening mechanism (type of mechanism and type of box spring)
    4. regarding mattress (3 possible comforts)
    5. regarding options
  • Storage space in all sofas
  • Storage space in the Longchair unit

Sleeping dimensions

Thickness: 14cm

Length: 197cm


Sitting comfort: Formatex (cold foam, 55kg/m3)

Mattress comfort: 3 comforts to choose from (see section Concept)


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